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Consolidation Letter Consolidation Letter


T.E. Mabry Middle School

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Mrs. Marsha Clark                                                                                                              Mrs. Shelley Brown

Principal                                                                                                                            Assistant Principal 




Dear Parents,


The issue of consolidating the seven school districts in Spartanburg County is once again being discussed at the local and state level.  While there are some who strongly believe that consolidation would save money, this in fact, it not supported by any sound research. 

Here are the facts as we know them today:

·         The issue of consolidation has been a topic of conversation since 1952.

·         Currently, there are 85 school districts in South Carolina with the smallest (Barnwell) having an enrollment of 819 and the largest (Greenville) exceeding 66,000 students.

·         If we combined the seven districts in Spartanburg County, enrollment would exceed 44,000 students, making our county the second largest school district in the state.

·         Currently, District One’s enrollment is over 5,100 students, making it larger than 11 county wide school districts in South Carolina.

·         The combined operating budget of all seven school districts in Spartanburg County is less than consolidated districts like Charleston and Horry Counties – which have less student enrollment than Spartanburg.

·         Research shows there are four factors which consistently impact student achievement:  small school size, smaller class size – especially at the elementary school level, challenging curriculum and great teachers.

·         Student performance and achievement is at an all time high in District One and we are proud of our “Student Centered Education” philosophy and the personal touch we give to everything we do.

Compared to the other 84 school districts in South Carolina, Spartanburg School District One:

  • Ranks 5th highest in AYP indexes indicators met
  • 6th highest in overall passage rate for PASS
  • Our absolute performance index exceeds every consolidated district in S. C.
  • School Management (lowest expenditure in state)
  • Program management (third lowest in state)
  • District management (second lowest expenditure in state)
  • Business Services (lowest expenditure in the state)
  • District One Schools have received 27 Gold and Silver awards 

I am very proud of what our district continues to do for all of our students each and every day.  For your convenience, Dr. Garner has posted information regarding consolidation on the District One website (http://www.spartanburg1.k12.sc.us/do/?page_ID=331).  I urge you to read and carefully examine all the data and facts regarding this issue.  If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.   Thank you.



Marsha Clark, Principal



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