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The purpose of the Communications department is to coordinate communications among our schools, students, parents, and community members, and to promote Spartanburg School District One's mission to provide students with a quality, student-centered education. District One will make every effort to assist the media in obtaining complete, accurate, and adequate coverage of the programs, planning, and activities of the district, and will give all representatives of the media equal access to information about our schools. 
As previously announced in a press conference on January 10, 2019, Spartanburg School District No. 1 has been conducting a review of its accounting procedures. This review was prompted, in part, by the passing of the District’s chief financial officer and the discovery that three payments of approximately $335,000 each were not accurately recorded in the accounting records of the District, creating an apparent discrepancy in the District’s books. The District has now confirmed that these payments were paid to Tetra Financial Group in accordance with the terms of a financing transaction in which Tetra Financial Group provided financing used to update several of the District’s schools. Due to the initial accounting discrepancy, the District missed certain deadlines necessary to track the District’s options under the financing transaction, which resulted in the term of the transaction being extended. Tetra Financial Group was not aware of the discrepancy and is not involved in, and did not have access to, the District’s internal accounting systems, books or processes. Upon informing the company of the discrepancy, however, Tetra Financial Group was very cooperative in assisting the District in its review of the financing transaction between the District and Tetra Financial Group and, under these circumstances, also agreed to waive certain requirements of the original agreement. Further, the company and the District have completed a reconciliation of the District’s payments under the financing transaction, and the District has updated its accounting records accordingly. The District is fully satisfied that Tetra Financial Group has answered all questions the District had regarding the financing transaction between the parties and that any and all concerns have been satisfactorily resolved.

Sandra Williams
Chief Communications Officer
864-472-2846, ext. 5244 
Mailing Address: PO Box 218 | Campobello, SC 29322
Physical Address: 121 Wheeler Street | Campobello, SC 29322
Phone: 864-472-2846 | Fax: 864-472-4118
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